What is My Campus Post?

My Campus Post intends to become the de-facto student run digital media publication of your college. Our goal is to make your college life exciting & enriching by covering its campus news ranging from college humour, events, interviews, to-do's, food reco's, college fashion, student confessions or hidden quirks anyone from your college should know. We intend to be accessible across every digital platform - Web / Mobile / Social.

What's there for you?

Every team member gains skills and experience in building, managing and leading a media publication setting them up for the best of full-time opportunities across the top media brands. You get the opportunity to join the national My Campus Post Network spanning chapters across other founding colleges.

Career Development




Editorial Experience

Social Media Management



Which role suits you?

Being a publication For the Students - By the Students, we build a talented team of reporters, marketers, videographers and photographers/designers who are selectively hired and trained from the ground up.

Marketing Manager Marketing

The Marketing Manager leads the chapter’s larger marketing strategy that outlines brand development, content promotion, events, and social media tactics to achieve your quarterly/semi-yearly goals.

  • Analyze social media and pop culture trends to formulate marketing strategies
  • Implement ideas/campaigns online to publicise your college My Campus Post
  • Develop strategic partnerships with other societies on campus and local businesses
  • Organize on-campus contests and campaigns to promote My Campus Post
Campus Reporter Content

The Campus Reporter sets the editorial vision and standards for the chapter. They oversee the editorial process, from story ideation to creation of content to presenting the publication. The stories include factual, funny & relatable, quizzes and listicles type of content.

  • Create new content for each required content section on a weekly basis (quiz / factual / funny etc.)
  • Cover all kinds of campus news from events to student happenings
  • Monitor the likes of the articles and create more content
  • Have access to in-depth analytics for content
Photo and Graphics Director Designing

The Photo and Graphics Director sets and upholds the college chapter’s photo standards and manages a streamlined photo creation, editing, and publishing process for the team. Learn how to manage photography process from ideation to publication

  • Creating a photo library specific to the college chapter
  • Create new pictures for each required content section on a weekly basis
  • Clicking and editing pictures to gather maximum likes
  • Managing Instagram/Pinterest accounts
  • Creating your college specific My Campus Post doodles
Video Director Videography

The Video Director sets and upholds the college chapter’s video standards. They are responsible to ideate, shoot or edit relevant videos.

  • Creating a video library specific to the college chapter
  • Create new videos for each required content section on a weekly basis
  • Covering on-campus events on camera (live)
  • Shooting and editing(animated) videos to gather maximum likes
  • Managing the YouTube channel with relevant posts

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