Experience corporate life and work culture virtually

Experience everything from Deadlines to Targets, Colleagues to Supervisors, Approvals to Rejections, Orientation to Promotion. Just like in the real world, but, Virtually alongside college.

Get Briefed on the Go

Get your tasks on the go and decide according to your schedule when to start them

Accomplish Tasks
within Deadlines

We penalise procrastinators and reward go getters!

Gain Actionable

Your supervisors will give you productive criticism on your work to show exactly how you can improve.

Understand what’s Working

Get data analytics on the public reception of your work and see if it’s actually working in the real world

Enjoy Friendly

See what your peers in the program are doing and keep track of the leaderboard to keep yourself on top!

Approach Without Hesitation

Confused about what you should do post college? Ask your mentors questions to get some insight into the industry.