Create Awesome Content

Ideate and create what you love to showcase it on WePost. Be it articles, listicles, memes, stories, poetries, illustrations, pop-arts, sketches, videos, photographs, etc, every piece of millennial centric content is our major love. So everything and anything(like food, fashion, lifestyle, hacks, etc) that you create, remember it's the millennials emotional chords that you need to strike on.

Publish your Work

We believe in creative freedom and welcome all your creativity with open arms. Once you have composed your work, you can freely publish your work without any editorial processing to reach thousands of followers on our publication. Get hold of endless possibilities at WePost to showcase your passion. You need to only adhere to our content policy to not publish anything offensive.


Measure the Impact

Your work is no more seen and applauded by only the very few.Face a real crowd with an unbiased opinion about your work.Get the opportunity to refine your work and skills based on end-consumers feedback. Garner organic social media engagement for your work. Be amused with all the likes, comments and shares that your work would generate in a jiffy.

Benchmark your Work

Are you a competitive soul and want to guage your work? Well, only competing and comparing with good talent like yourself will help you identify your scope of improvement. Not in a game, not in a simulation, but throught real work. We proudly showcase our best performers on our leaderboards, to allow some healthy competition to help you improve.


Apply as an trainee

Choose the career that you would like to explore, and apply to the program as an trainee. Go through our quick selection process and wait for that Acceptance email!

Get Inducted into the Squad

Once you're in, you begin your orientation. Understand our mission, goal, target audience and strategy behind WePost. Most importantly, you understand your duties and responsibilities and where you fit in.



Learn the skill & master the work

Start Work by understanding the skills required. Follow the brief, and learn from industry examples to successfully deliver. Repeat. Master.

Receive expert feedback & approval

Your work gets critiqued for improvement. You'll know exactly what went well and what didn't from your industry supervisors.



Get published & gain recognition

Once approved, your work goes live to the world! We'll post it on our social media handles or our website. You'll be able to see if your work Actually 'worked' by seeing the reactions of our readers at WePost.

Build your CV & work profile

Everything that you accomplish gets automatically featured into your online portfolio. Your resume is also continually updated with every skill that you master and all the experience that you garner. The program literally builds your resume



Get promoted & branch out

Complete the task set to get promoted. Promotion opens up new avenues. Experience new work, new responsibilities, new work objectives and new skills. Evolve from an trainee to an Executive, Manager, Director and finally…

Look ahead for your dream job

Flaunt your online resume to leading brands who swoon on you. Work with them to accomplish national level campaigns and even get paid! Most importantly, crack the interview for your dream job with the necessary experience, recommendations and certificates.