Graphic Designing Intern

54 Hours required Complete within 4 weeks Start Immediately
Own the creation and maintenance of both our marketing assets and content created to support the product and other marketing goals.
Highly creative
Natural eye for design
Qualification No Bar

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Graphic designers do almost everything - website designs, App UI, posters, etc. Everything that you do in your life is touched by graphic designer in some way.

Graphic Designer

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What is Graphic Designing?
Graphic Designing is the art with a business stated purpose. It embraces a systematic and innovative plan to achieve the desired business objectives, with the usage of words, symbols and images. It is referred to as visual communication and aesthetically expression of ideas and concepts by using varied graphic tools and elements. Learn Graphic Designing at WePost .

Why is graphic designing important for businesses?
Graphic design is an imperative tool that amplifies as to how businesses communicate with their target customers. It is the creative way to convey business ideas, message or information not only effectively but also beautifully. Here are just a few business reasons to consider if you are opting for a career in graphic designing:
1. Visual Appeal
Good designs always makes any business look good. Great graphic designs makes a positive first impression on those watching. Human beings always form initial opinions in a jiffy based on what they see and not to forget this first impression is the last impression. Visually pleasing, professionally designed graphics cause customers to form highly positive opinions about your brand. Graphic designers are responsible to bag that first impression for the brands.
2. Distinguished
Customers have choices. Graphic designs that you choose to personify your brand and sets your business apart from your competition – be negatively or positively. Great designs always stands out in the minds of decision-makers and thereby it influences their choices, both subconsciously and deliberately. Usually, people tend to associate with things that seem good and makes them feel good. By investing in a quality graphic designer brands aim to significantly increase brand’s ability to stand out in the minds of key decision makers.
3. Credibility
As mentioned earlier, graphic designers play a significant role in the customers decision-making process. Companies invest in quality graphic designs to be perceived as of high standards. The fact is perception and presentation can make or break any brand. People look for signs of expertise and professionalism to trust you. One such sign is the way that you represent yourself. Brands therefore feel it as a mandate to invest in graphic designers to help them represent their brand in the best possible way.
4. Comprehensible
What ideas would you like to present to the public? Great graphic designers rehashes ideas in a way that’s pleasing to the customers eye. It is a normal habit that people hate to read long detailed documents but are receptive to an image that serves the same purpose. Graphic designers help businesses in their branding efforts and make sure they maintain this much-needed consistency - be it on digital or print. Therefore its the graphic designers job to make a company look good and to communicate the right message with the right visuals.

The graphic designers plays an important role in today's modern competitive global environment. The graphic designing has become an integral part of any business and if you are looking for a career in graphic designing as a Graphic Designing Manager, Visualiser, Graphic Designing Executive or be it as a Graphic Designing Intern, WePost can help. The leading millennial publication empowers budding graphic designers to develop their skills. You learn to research, design, share and monitor designs that generate results. Be it logos, letterheads, comics, business cards, social media posts, doodles, memes, etc, you design it all here under briefs given and receive feedback for improvement.If you are looking for your first Graphic Designing job, first experience it at WePost to get your elementary basics right and to build your portfolio of your work for better employment prospects.