Social Media Intern

54 Hours required Complete within 4 weeks Start Immediately
Develop strategies specific to various social networks, track the right metrics, and integrate the best tools and practices on those platforms to increase visitors engagement.
Active personal presence in social media
Excellent Communicator
Creative Thinker

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You need to dig deep and need to give the audience exactly what they are looking for. You can touch a gamut of your interest or hobbies or businesses in this amazing profession. You just need to engaging.

Monina Wagner
Social Media Manager
Content Marketing Institute

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Here's a little brief on Social Media Marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?
Social media marketing is the process of creating content that you have tailored to Social Media Marketing is the process of creating and sharing tailored content on social media networks to drive users engagement and awareness. It is the most popular and trending marketing technique to help brands create buzz. It includes activities like posting text & image updates, videos, etc that drives audience engagement with the brand in form of likes, shares, comments, followers, tweets, etc. Learn Social Media Marketing at MyCampusPost.

Why is Social Media Marketing so important for businesses?
Research shows that around 96% of marketers are currently using social media marketing to reach their audience. Social media is thereby emerging to one the vital source of marketing of millions of businesses who are trying to reach a relevant audience set. Here are some of the major reason, why social media marketing is a must for every business:
1. Improved Brand Awareness
Social media is the most relevant and instant platform for brands to build brand recognition. 91% marketers agree and back the fact that a little effort on social media gives them enhanced brand visibility. So, a social media page for every business is a must, to boost the brands connect and awareness amongst its target audience.
Social Media Marketing is the most cost-effective way of businesses reaching out to their prospective customers. It helps businesses reach targeted customers in the most receptive and organic way. A little strategy and effort helps you have voluminous conversions. Today cause of extreme competition and the run to serve the customer with the best, paid social media campaigns have also gained immense popularity.
3. Engage with your customers
Social Media Marketing is the most apt platform for businesses to interact with their customers at ease. The more conversations you build, engage and resort to knowing the customer better, the more is your brand equity. It is the most successful way of winning audience attention and loyalty in the era of multiple options.
4. Improved brand loyalty
Businesses should be easily accessible by the customers. Hindrance in the channel of communication, leads to businesses losing great prospects. It helps you build strong brand loyalty by engaging with the audience at the right times to influence their purchase decisions. From launch to promotions, it caters to all business objectives that a companies wants to achieve.
5. Healthier customer satisfaction
Social Media Marketing plays a great role as a communication and networking platform. It helps companies voice their message for overall brand impact. Customers appreciate the fact that when they reach out to you via comments on your social media pages, they receive a personal reply rather than a automated message, which is perceived naturally in a positive light.
6. Marketplace awareness
Nothing stands better than social media to understand your customers, to observe their activities, needs and wants. It is great research tool to get your industry insights. Once you have a active social presence with adequate no.of followers you can dive deep into more intricate details about your customers like - age, gender, etc.
7. More brand authority
Brand loyalty plays a key role when it comes to a company's communication. When you active on social media and tend to revert to all your customer queries and complaints, it builds a sense of trust in their minds. It emphasis on the fact that you genuinely care for the customer. Once you bag a pool of satisfied customers, it’s they who would voice your brand.
8. Increased traffic
Social media also helps businesses drive traffic to their website. Your posts on social media with your website links, gives the users a reason to visit your website, if your content strikes their emotional chord.
9. Enhanced SEO rankings
Today simply optimising your website with content for SEO does not suffice. Search engines now receive brand signals from businesses via their content shared on social media to validate their relevance to the users searching for relevant terms.

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